In Defence of Mental Weakness

…inspired by reading a ridiculous article originally posted in Lifehacker and then in Forbes Magazine entitled 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. Triskadekophobic behaviour is presumably not on the list. What is on the list is the usual bullshit – excuse me, but there is no polite word for it – I’ve made itContinue reading “In Defence of Mental Weakness”

I Am Good Enough, And So Are You

This heading is so important, I need to repeat it. I am good enough. And you are good enough too. And anyone in your life who undermines that belief is someone you need to put space between. Listen: if you seriously want to be a writer, or are pursuing that dream right now, you willContinue reading “I Am Good Enough, And So Are You”

The Box is Unequal to the Task of Containing Them

Sinead O’Hart has written a beautiful, powerful post promoting the short story competition I’m running, Walking on Thin Ice. I’ve fully funded it, with some help from donations, but we’re in need of lots of subs, so I’ve extended the deadline to November 15. Here is a quote: I wish we existed in a societyContinue reading “The Box is Unequal to the Task of Containing Them”

Walking on Thin Ice contest submissions now open!

Hello, I’m very excited to announce that submissions are open for the Walking on Thin Ice contest. Please go here for more information. I’d like to add a special thank-you to James, who has been working behind the scenes to set up the submission board. Thanks a mil James, much appreciated! This, for me, is trulyContinue reading “Walking on Thin Ice contest submissions now open!”

Walking On Thin Ice Short Story Contest

Ooooh I’m so excited! Remember the short story competition I blogged earlier about wanting to set up? Well I’ve gone and done most of the preparatory work and sent an application off to so that I can fundraise for prize money. I’m still waiting on them to write back and say, “Yes, we believe youContinue reading “Walking On Thin Ice Short Story Contest”

Being Human Is My Crime

The title of this blog entry comes from a Kelis song entitled “Lil Star”. It’s the song of a tired, demoralised woman who “forgets herself when there’s so many others around”. I certainly can’t be accused of that. As my immediates enjoy reminding me, I have nothing of the carer in my nature. But IContinue reading “Being Human Is My Crime”