November 11, 1918

The 1st time I went to Remembrance Sunday was 1928 I don't remember whether people wore #poppies but they wore their grief like jagged glass — John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) (@Harryslaststand) November 7, 2014 100 years ago today. I post here just as I have before, the inscription on the Bomber CommandContinue reading “November 11, 1918”

Armistice Day, 2016

Since White Feathers came out, I have posted an armistice day post every year. Over the years, the ceremonies to commemorate the dead of the wretched First World War and its successors have become marked and tainted by nativism and rage. The poppy which graces the cover of my novel was originally the symbol ofContinue reading “Armistice Day, 2016”

On Being An Opinionated Novelist

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons I’ve often wondered how appropriate it is for a writer to share opinions on issues unrelated to their work. Particularly ones of a political nature. Specifically I wonder if I share too readily and express my opinion too often. Recent crises, particularly Brexit but not limited to that sequence of events,Continue reading “On Being An Opinionated Novelist”

A Cracking Review – And Why I Took Some Time off Twitter

I’ve been off twitter a few weeks. It was having a not-great effect on my mental health. It’s not people I chat to, you are all wonderful and I miss you! But there are certain things that will always trigger me when discussed. That isn’t all my fault – much of it, I angrily maintain,Continue reading “A Cracking Review – And Why I Took Some Time off Twitter”

Testament of Youth – Film Review

Thanks for everyone who left comments or kind tweets after my post yesterday about mental health. I’ve been privately told it helped other people that I spoke about it, and that’s really the most important thing of all. Sanity is not an absolute, it’s a spectrum, and most of us who are not utterly phlegmaticContinue reading “Testament of Youth – Film Review”

2014: It’s Hard Out Here For a…Female Debut Novelist

2014 was a good year for me. On a personal level, my family added a generation when O arrived. Born in April 2014, he was the youngest guest at my launch. I had just referred to him in my launch speech and he’d disappeared and suddenly just materialised again, right on cue, along with hisContinue reading “2014: It’s Hard Out Here For a…Female Debut Novelist”