A Powerful Blog Post by Sinéad O’Hart

  Sinéad O’Hart blogged the following, powerful entry today on “tipping points”. There was one paragraph in particular which really nailed how I feel about starting up Walking on Thin Ice and advocacy in general. Sinéad knows what my “tipping point” was in deciding to start the contest – she saw my many Tweets ofContinue reading “A Powerful Blog Post by Sinéad O’Hart”

Thought for the Day – from Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

In my limited experience of reading science fiction, the best sci-fi is that which makes a direct and incisive comment about the way we live our life now, not in the future. Given the day that’s in it, with the ongoing saga of the Anglo tapes which has outraged so many in Ireland, I thoughtContinue reading “Thought for the Day – from Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis”

Being Human Is My Crime

The title of this blog entry comes from a Kelis song entitled “Lil Star”. It’s the song of a tired, demoralised woman who “forgets herself when there’s so many others around”. I certainly can’t be accused of that. As my immediates enjoy reminding me, I have nothing of the carer in my nature. But IContinue reading “Being Human Is My Crime”