“A Fascinating and Well-Drawn Character” – New Review of White Feathers by Liz Loves Books

I was delighted when book blogger Liz Wilkins agreed to read and review White Feathers for me, especially since historical fiction is not her usual metier. Liz’s reviews are popular and highly regarded on Amazon and Goodreads, so many thanks to her. The full review is available on Liz Loves Books but because that page is […]

“Vivid, Immediate, Packing an Emotional Punch” – Review of White Feathers on A Trip to Ireland

Rich Rennicks blogs at the popular expat blog A Trip to Ireland, and kindly reviewed White Feathers in his latest entry. It’s a wonderful review and so cheering to read, very thorough (a lot of plot and story discussion, just a heads-up for those who have not read the book yet), and really examines the […]

“A Bravura Performance of Effortless Elegance” – White Feathers Review in Irish Echo in Australia

White Feathers got ANOTHER review which was sent on to me by the publishers this morning and if you read it, you will see why I am grinning from ear to ear. Regrettably it is not available online, but I enclose an image of it below. Here is a bit I am really pleased got […]

“A symbol not of cowardice but of bullying” – Review of White Feathers on Izzy Reads

Like men and buses, reviews take their time then all come along at once 🙂 Izzy Reads has kindly provided this review of White Feathers on her blog. My grandmother didn’t have a lot of time for the women who handed out  white feathers during the first world war. To her, it was a symbol not of […]

“Rain lashed the glass beside me while I read and read and read” – New Review of White Feathers

A few months ago I put out a review request to the book blogging community. Liz Maguire, who blogs at American Author, was happy to oblige and has done a great write up of her experience reading White Feathers. My favourite paragraph was this one: I set about reading White Feathers as spring opened the […]