Unfortunate Stars: The Making of an Audiobook

Just a few weeks ago, I self-published an audiobook of my kindle novella, Unfortunate Stars. I have been asked once or twice how I went about it, so I thought I’d walk through the process in case it is of use to anyone. I created an account with Findaway Voices as recommended by The CreativeContinue reading “Unfortunate Stars: The Making of an Audiobook”

Massive Valentine’s Day Goodies!

I have several promotions on right now, so if you like intense, romantic, historical sagas – either for your beloved or for yourself. (And self-love attends us first and leaves us last. So said Jonathan Swift.) Unfortunate Stars: as already mentioned, on Valentine’s Day this Sunday, the audiobook for Unfortunate Stars will be released. OnceContinue reading “Massive Valentine’s Day Goodies!”

“You’re Finished” – Allison Pearson’s Threatening Behaviour

Telegraph journalist and chair of the Lucy Cavendish Novel Competition Allison Pearson has engaged in appalling behaviour on Twitter today. Another tweeter made an angry, hasty tweet about her attitude to the NHS and she launched a barrage upon him, finding out and looping in his employer, threatening to sue him for defamation and tellingContinue reading ““You’re Finished” – Allison Pearson’s Threatening Behaviour”

In the Bleak Midwinter

A few days ago, just after Solstice Eve, my onetime choir director, musician Elizabeth Hilliard, responded to the reintroduction of stern Covid-related restrictions with a lovely renditioning of “In the Bleak Midwinter”. I remembered singing that same version (Darke, 1911, though the Holst version is better known) but in the alto line, so I sangContinue reading “In the Bleak Midwinter”

Fiction at the Friary – Live Reading from White Feathers

If anyone fancies listening to a great range of Irish writers, look no further than the Fiction at the Friary podcast, which Danielle McLaughlin and Madeleine d’Arcy have compiled, with thanks also to JP and Kieran for production work. I’m on Episode 9, which also features Eimear Ryan (whose debut novel is out next year!)Continue reading “Fiction at the Friary – Live Reading from White Feathers”

Lucia’s War – Coffee Pot Book of the Year Award Honourable Mention

Delighted to announce that Lucia’s War has been awarded an Honourable Mention in the Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year, in the Modern Historical Fiction category. A medal to be worn with great pride, thank you Mary Anne Yarde! Congratulations to all the winners, and a special haddock around the chops to theContinue reading “Lucia’s War – Coffee Pot Book of the Year Award Honourable Mention”