#BlackHistoryMonth UK Promo – and Why I am Making Lucia’s War Free

To mark Black History Month in the UK, I am putting Lucia’s War free on Amazon Kindle for 5 days. Click on the picture above to download! People might ask me why I would put it out there and incur no royalties. The reason is that at present I do not have a financial relationshipContinue reading “#BlackHistoryMonth UK Promo – and Why I am Making Lucia’s War Free”

White Feathers – Bulgarian Paperback Edition

Delighted to receive the Bulgarian paperback edition of White Feathers (entitled “Beli Pera”) in the post today. So exciting to see the book in a different language and a *very* different cover but it looks fantastic. Surprised that I don’t entirely dis-resemble the cover pic! This is my joy and I’m delighted to share it.Continue reading “White Feathers – Bulgarian Paperback Edition”

Update on the Trans Writers Union Petition

Hello, a quick update on my earlier post about the Trans Writers’ Union petition to boycott the Irish Times until they stop endorsing conversation therapy of trans people and use more compassionate and respectful language when referring to same. It’s been moved here to avoid the abusive language used by TERFs on the previous page.Continue reading “Update on the Trans Writers Union Petition”

I Support the Trans Writers Union

I have mentioned the Trans Writers Union before in the context of their complaint to the Press Ombudsman regarding a review of a contentious book in the Independent. Then, I expressed concern that authors weren’t sufficiently speaking up against bad behaviour against trans people in the Irish media, promptly got TERF-swarmed, and locked my accountContinue reading “I Support the Trans Writers Union”

500 Downloads of Lucia’s War and Not a Single Tweet

I’ve been inactive on twitter for the last while. I just took the app off my phone 2 weeks ago and haven’t logged back in. I’ve spent that time cycling (a fair bit of that!), knitting, baking, writing and a fair bit of pottering about. I haven’t been promoting in a while either – IContinue reading “500 Downloads of Lucia’s War and Not a Single Tweet”

“Where Does Christopher Come From?”: the Muse Who Inspired White Feathers

Last week, while I was working from home, my mother texted me to thank me for the book I sent her. “It went all round the houses,” she said cheerfully, “but got there in the end.” “Sorry, what book?” I responded. “LUCIA.” She meant my latest novel, Lucia’s War. For a moment, I was confused.Continue reading ““Where Does Christopher Come From?”: the Muse Who Inspired White Feathers”

Lucia’s War – Anniversary Giveaway

I meant to make this blog entry on June 5th, which was the date a year ago today that Lucia’s War made its entry into a turbulent world. Mary Anne Yarde of the Coffee Pot Book Club made a wonderful observation about Lucia – that she was a character who “dared to present herself toContinue reading “Lucia’s War – Anniversary Giveaway”

Past the Worst of It

I have to remind myself that whatever it might feel like, I’m past the worst of it. The Arts Council just declined my third application for a literary bursary. Yet, the previous year they awarded a (second) bursary to the critic-turned-author who used a national platform to express egregiously scathing opinions of my debut novel.Continue reading “Past the Worst of It”

Lucia’s War – Now on Netgalley!

Spread the good word far and wide – Lucia’s War is now available on Netgalley for the next few months! Hurrah. The widget for Netgalley members to request is below. I don’t manage requests so all requests will be accepted. I want to get plenty of exposure for the book so do share if youContinue reading “Lucia’s War – Now on Netgalley!”