Performance of The Defamation Suit

Above is a caption-enabled Instagram Live performance of my story “The Defamation Suit”. It starts about three minutes in where I stand up. The story is inspired by countering SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) and widespread abuse of the laws by bad actors who use legal letters to wedge themselves into untouchable positions ofContinue reading “Performance of The Defamation Suit”

Please Direct All Vexatious Legal Threats to My Oncologist

I’ve just finished writing a scene in a new novel in progress I’m working on. It’s very early on, first draft energy, and…it’s disgusting. It’s probably the most revolting imagery I’ve ever put down on the page, and I’m loving every minute of it. This was just after submitting the novel about climate change, biodiversityContinue reading “Please Direct All Vexatious Legal Threats to My Oncologist”

Launch of Cork Words 3 Anthology

I’m delighted to be featured in this short story and poetry collection compiled by Cork City Libraries and officially launched this afternoon. I had a kind librarian take this pic for me on 17th January when I collected my contributor’s copy. Regretfully I can’t make it today due to illness and recovery, but I willContinue reading “Launch of Cork Words 3 Anthology”

PSA: Listowel Writers Week Competitions – Avoid For Now

I follow Listowel Writers Week. It is a very popular annual literary event in Ireland that attracts international attention and very good prizes. There has been some tension between the voluntary body and the Arts Council which has resulted in a new curator coming on board. That isn’t what I wish to highlight, though. OneContinue reading “PSA: Listowel Writers Week Competitions – Avoid For Now”