Womentoring 2014 – An Opportunity

Writer Kerry Hudson has come up with a wonderful scheme to connect aspiring women writers to mentors in their field. She has set up a twitter account called @WomentoringP and if you are a female writer and interested in being assigned a mentor (it’s totally free!) do follow that account.  (Apologies to the gentlemen but IContinue reading “Womentoring 2014 – An Opportunity”

The Blog Tour Q&A – I answer some questions!

I was tagged by Una McCormack to take part in this – so here are my answers to the questions! What am I working on? My novel White Feathers, which is currently in edit/rewrite stage after being acquired by the O’Brien Press’s Brandon imprint last September. It’s a novel based during WWI and its premise is:Continue reading “The Blog Tour Q&A – I answer some questions!”

Summer Short Story and Novel Competitions

Fellow Novel Fairist (or should that be “fairest”?) Andrea Carter has mentioned a few short story competitions with upcoming deadlines for the summer. I’d like to add a couple more that I’ve heard of via twitter or just generally futzing around the internet. Costa Short Story Awards – 4,000 words. Has to be submitted in Arial, possiblyContinue reading “Summer Short Story and Novel Competitions”

Daily Science Fiction to publish my short story

I am pleased to report that Daily Science Fiction magazine is to publish my SF short story “Those Little Slices of Death”, a tale of attempts to engineer humans out of dependance on a highly addictive natural narcotic. Daily Science Fiction is an online publication that pays professional rates and drop high-quality short fiction into your inbox everyContinue reading “Daily Science Fiction to publish my short story”