Lucia’s War – Anniversary Giveaway

I meant to make this blog entry on June 5th, which was the date a year ago today that Lucia’s War made its entry into a turbulent world. Mary Anne Yarde of the Coffee Pot Book Club made a wonderful observation about Lucia – that she was a character who “dared to present herself toContinue reading “Lucia’s War – Anniversary Giveaway”

Past the Worst of It

I have to remind myself that whatever it might feel like, I’m past the worst of it. The Arts Council just declined my third application for a literary bursary. Yet, the previous year they awarded a (second) bursary to the critic-turned-author who used a national platform to express egregiously scathing opinions of my debut novel.Continue reading “Past the Worst of It”

Lucia’s War – Now on Netgalley!

Spread the good word far and wide – Lucia’s War is now available on Netgalley for the next few months! Hurrah. The widget for Netgalley members to request is below. I don’t manage requests so all requests will be accepted. I want to get plenty of exposure for the book so do share if youContinue reading “Lucia’s War – Now on Netgalley!”

“Guts and Heart and Soul” – Review of Lucia’s War in Books Ireland

Reviews are like buses, I declared on twitter yesterday, none for ages and then they all come at once! I’m delighted to link to this wonderful review of Lucia’s War by Catherine Murphy in Books Ireland Magazine. It is official – “review” is no longer a dirty word on this blog 🙂 I’ve been trulyContinue reading ““Guts and Heart and Soul” – Review of Lucia’s War in Books Ireland”

“Lucia is L’Autre Personified” – Review of Lucia’s War in the Yorkshire Times

I’ve been lucky and blessed in the reviews I’ve received for Lucia’s War but this one is just a bit special. It was written by Paul Spalding-Mulcock and want to say here up front that I will treasure it for the rest of my days. Here is a link to the review. Some jewels amidContinue reading ““Lucia is L’Autre Personified” – Review of Lucia’s War in the Yorkshire Times”

Unfortunate Stars: The Making of an Audiobook

Just a few weeks ago, I self-published an audiobook of my kindle novella, Unfortunate Stars. I have been asked once or twice how I went about it, so I thought I’d walk through the process in case it is of use to anyone. I created an account with Findaway Voices as recommended by The CreativeContinue reading “Unfortunate Stars: The Making of an Audiobook”

Massive Valentine’s Day Goodies!

I have several promotions on right now, so if you like intense, romantic, historical sagas – either for your beloved or for yourself. (And self-love attends us first and leaves us last. So said Jonathan Swift.) Unfortunate Stars: as already mentioned, on Valentine’s Day this Sunday, the audiobook for Unfortunate Stars will be released. OnceContinue reading “Massive Valentine’s Day Goodies!”