White Feathers Available on Kindle UK for £1


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(In euros that is €1.30 – half the price of a cappuccino in Cafe Nero down the docks.)

I’m very excited to see White Feathers available at such a massive discount on Amazon UK and do hope that will encourage anyone who adores sweeping, epic narrative and seeks stories of passion, history and war to have a look!

Did I mention it was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2015? Well, I’ll mention it again 🙂

Here are lots of people who are not me saying it’s a compelling read.

Eva Downey jumps at the chance to attend finishing school, especially as she is about to be pushed into marriage by her overbearing stepmother. At the school she finds kinship, and, unexpectedly, love. But when war breaks out in 1914, her family are pushing her into giving the man she loves a white feather of cowardice, because he refuses to enlist. Eva’s decision will have devastating consequences for her – and everyone around her.What do you do when forced to make an impossible choice?

White Feathers Available on Kindle UK for £1

“A Bravura Performance of Effortless Elegance” – White Feathers Review in Irish Echo in Australia

White Feathers got ANOTHER review which was sent on to me by the publishers this morning and if you read it, you will see why I am grinning from ear to ear. Regrettably it is not available online, but I enclose an image of it below. Here is a bit I am really pleased got highlighted:

The second half of the book is a brutal account of some of the actions in the war, particularly the criminal incompetence of the top brass of the British army…[who] had also used their men as human fodder.

Why yes, my novel challenges authority. And even be it a hundred years back, on its publication and reading, it became clear that certain people – not the British Army, I hasten to add – didn’t like that. Certain people didn’t like that one bit.

And here’s a quote which made my morning 🙂

Though this is an intense love story it would do it a disservice to describe it solely in just a way. It is anti-war and anti-patriarchy without ever saying so …[and] leaves the reader genuinely hoping the author will take her characters through the next stages of their lives. For the second time in less than a year I applaud O’Brien Press for taking on a relatively unknown writer. Susan Lanigan has won praise for her short stories, but this is her first full-length novel. It is a bravura performance of effortless elegance that beautifully imitates the speech and manners of the era. More please.

Thank you very kindly, Frank O’Shea of the Irish Echo, Australia! I’ll do my best to keep ’em coming! Full review beneath the cut – fair warning, it’s an image file and also quite a bit of discussion of the plot, though less of the second half. Continue reading ““A Bravura Performance of Effortless Elegance” – White Feathers Review in Irish Echo in Australia”

“A Bravura Performance of Effortless Elegance” – White Feathers Review in Irish Echo in Australia

“A symbol not of cowardice but of bullying” – Review of White Feathers on Izzy Reads

Like men and buses, reviews take their time then all come along at once 🙂 Izzy Reads has kindly provided this review of White Feathers on her blog.

My grandmother didn’t have a lot of time for the women who handed out  white feathers during the first world war. To her, it was a symbol not of cowardice but of bullying with the distributors often failing to take into account the personal circumstances — age, disability, mental fragility — of the young men they victimised. Her description has stayed with me through the years so when I spotted the title of Susan Lanigan’s novel, White Feathers, my interest was piqued.

More here.

I’ve always felt that this very human aspect of the conflict, the way it created smaller, lethal wars between people, is an important aspect. To many this is still a live issue, even though the last veterans have gone beyond the sunset. Describing the protagonists as “not typical romantic characters”, while her review is a bit more qualified than the last one, it is a thoughtful and interesting read. Thanks very much Izzy for reviewing the book and for anyone who is interested in following her reviews, she can be found on twitter here.

“A symbol not of cowardice but of bullying” – Review of White Feathers on Izzy Reads

“Rain lashed the glass beside me while I read and read and read” – New Review of White Feathers

A few months ago I put out a review request to the book blogging community. Liz Maguire, who blogs at American Author, was happy to oblige and has done a great write up of her experience reading White Feathers. My favourite paragraph was this one:

I set about reading White Feathers as spring opened the skies in Dublin. In the window seat of my favorite cafe, perched above D’Olier Street with the novel open on my lap, rain lashed the glass beside me while I read and read and read. White Feathers was so intense and addictive that my tea went cold and unnoticed—perhaps the greatest sign of enthralling literature.  I found White Feathers well written and well paced.

Full review here.

What part of that response could not delight the heart 🙂 Liz has also interviewed me for her blog, a post which she will be putting up in the near future and which I’ll link to when it’s up. She also subscribes to a new service called Booktube where people discuss their book choices – it’s like vlogging Goodreads I guess – and she discusses White Feathers some more there. I smiled at the admission that she had neglected life responsibilities reading the book. I guess that’s a good sign as long as they get tended to in good time eventually! (Someone else tweeted to me that they were at a crucial part of the novel and had forgotten to walk the dog. The dog whined and eyeballed until they were duly reminded!)

Worth noting that Liz also reviewed The Rising of Bella Casey shortly after White Feathers and her review can be checked out on her blog right after mine. I was very moved by the tragic symmetry of the novel and tight dramatic integrity of it.

And lastly, after having seen the celebrations of Holy Week in Southern Spain, I’d like to wish you all a happy Easter if you celebrate.

“Rain lashed the glass beside me while I read and read and read” – New Review of White Feathers

The “Meet My Character” Meme

Henry Gee tagged me for this a while back and I’m getting back to him scandalously late – sorry, Henry! This is the meme where I introduce a character from my most recent work, which would be White Feathers. I’m going to go for Joseph Cronin, native of Kilkeen, Co Tipperary, a minor and, if we’re honest, not very likeable character, but who does have one great line in his arsenal.
Continue reading “The “Meet My Character” Meme”

The “Meet My Character” Meme

Today I Got My Copy of the Book

With great excitement I went to the sorting office with my receipt slip to collect a package left for me. Sure enough it was my author copy of White FeathersThere is something about picking up the actual book, and knowing this is it.

It feels gorgeous and is so beautifully produced. It looks so like the cover I’ve already posted that it would be redundant to put up a photo. The only thing missing is the “best thing since sliced bread” inscriptions on the front but hopefully as the review copies go out there will soon be some of those. And don’t forget that it will be launched soon!

In the meantime, here’s it opened at a random page (Oh and for any queries about the Specsavers envelope, I recently got new glasses!)

Below the cut… Continue reading “Today I Got My Copy of the Book”

Today I Got My Copy of the Book




Susan Lanigan writerI am delighted to announce that the launch of White Feathers will take place

Wednesday 27 August, Dubray Bookshop Grafton Street, at 6.30pm

with Arlene Hunt as guest speaker.

This is an open invitation  –

for everyone who has spoken to me, online or in person; everyone who likes the idea of this book and wants to read it; everyone who knows me or has worked with me, sung with me, drunk with me; everyone who’s intrigued even if they don’t know me from a hole in the wall – please come along and share in the celebration! If you would like to come, RSVPs can be sent to Geraldine Feehily at O’Brien Press – that is geraldine AT obrien DOT ie. The official instruction from the publishers: the more the merrier 🙂

(PS How many times can I just keep posting that cover picture! Emma did good, folks.)

(PS the second: if you would like to read an extract and can’t wait until publishing day, you can do so if you sign up with LoveReading and download the extract from the linked page!)