“anti-war and anti-patriarchy without ever saying so … a bravura performance of effortless elegance that beautifully imitates the speech and manners of the era.” – Irish Echo in Australia

Lucia’s War

Lucia Percival, a renowned opera singer who has overcome prejudice and hardship, is about to deliver her last performance. But a tragic secret from her days on the Western Front in 1916 has caught up with her, and she is ready to confess.

White Feathers

In 1914, young Irish emigrant Eva Downey is forced to make a choice: the man she loves who refuses to enlist for war, or the family who are coercing her into giving him a white feather of cowardice.

Unfortunate Stars

1938. As Hitler’s tanks amass on the Czech border, it’s a bad time for Bohemian war veteran Friedrich to find forbidden love. Yet the young man in his arms calls to mind a man he encountered on the battlefield more than twenty years before.